Last Update: Mon Aug 29 22:16:39 PDT 2005

Welcome to Simple RSS

Simple RSS is a simple, flexible, extensible, and liberal RSS and Atom reader for Ruby. It is designed to be backwards compatible with the standard RSS parser, but will never do RSS generation.



The API is similar to Ruby’s standard RSS parser:

    require 'rubygems'
    require 'simple-rss'
    require 'open-uri'

    rss = SimpleRSS.parse open('') # => "Slashdot" # => "" # => ""

But since the parser can read Atom feeds as easily as RSS feeds, there are optional aliases that allow more atom like reading:

    rss.feed.title # => "Slashdot" # => "" # => ""

The parser does not care about the correctness of the XML as it does not use an XML library to read the information. Thus it is flexible and allows for easy extending via:

   SimpleRSS.feed_tags << :some_new_tag


Inspired by Blagg ( from Rael Dornfest.

This library is released under the terms of the GNU LGPL.